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Mobile Infrared Building Imaging was created out of need for loss prevention in the building services industry. With over 40 years of experience in the building industry, MIBI was created to service just a single company. Its success in recognizing building defects and maintenance needs filled a service that is now available to home and building owners.      
Welcome To Our Company
MIBI provides on location analysis of your building with images and reports using thermography. The thermography equipment is specifically designed for building investigation and can instantly and non-invasively detect building defects and problems.

Buildings of all sorts, from homes to factories to high rises, can be troubled by problems related to design, construction, weather, negligence and maintenance that can be difficult to diagnose and resolve. The major problems found in buildings include:

  • Moisture damage due to leaks or condensation, especially in the walls, roofs, slabs and flooring.
  • Termite/Pest/Rodent Infestations.
  • Electrical Hotspots.
  • Excessive energy use due to missing or damaged insulation, insulation that is performing inadequately, and excessive air-leakage across the thermal perimeter.
  • “Sick building syndrome,” mold growth and other health related issues. Often the problems—as well as their causes and consequences—simply cannot be seen until after costly damage has been done. At that point the only recourse may be extensive, costly reconstruction.
  • Delaminations of facade materials.
  • Poor HVAC distribution or performance.
  • Inadequate verification of construction details or structural performance.
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