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Mobile Infrared Building Imaging

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Sample Cases

Blockages in pipes may be quickly located and
addressed via infrared, enabling immediate response if
required. The use of this nondestructive technology
provides for proactive action to be taken before the
problem worsens.
Loose, ill-fitting or disconnected heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system fittings can lead to moisture
issues and poor building airflow, as well as wasted energy and money! Early detection and correction of
these issues via infrared imagery should be a high priority.

Buildings may be quickly and thoroughly scanned via infrared, identifying problem areas that can't be seen by the naked eye ensuring the integrity of both structural and environmental systems for building inspection, repair verification and insurance purposes.
Issues with electrical connections, wiring or other system components are clearly highlighted as “hot spots” with infrared imagery making them easy to
 locate and repair as part of an ongoing restoration project or building addition.

Locate and address heating and cooling losses in residential, commercial and industrial buildings with ease and pinpoint accuracy, enabling not only repairs and adjustments to be made, but accurately verified after the fact.
Accurately locate building moisture issues and track to their source. Inspect places that can't physically be
reached with moisture meters. Once repaired, monitor the drying process, and confirm when moisture is gone.

Infrared inspection may be used to inspect and verify heating and cooling systems — for example to ensure the proper operation of radiant heating pipes located in the flooring to check for crimps in tubing and post-installation validation concerns.